What is USU News? 
USU's news blog, keeping you up to date on events, research and other things happening at USU! For more details check out our About page.

What is USU?
The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences was created out of the need for career military medical professionals and medical research pertaining to specific military missions and is the only federal university that educates doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care professionals for careers in the military and the private health care system.

Who is in charge of USU News?
USU News is run by staff in the External Affairs Office. To contact USU News staff, use our Contact page.

How do I submit?
To submit, head over to our Contact page. Be sure to read the submission guidelines so your submission can be handled as quickly as possible.

Can I request USU News cover an upcoming event?
Absolutely. If you're involved in an event you think we should cover, let us know! If you attended an event that already happened, have quality photos (or videos, or you made an infographic, etc.), and want to submit a story about it, we'd welcome your submission.

Can I submit a finished piece?
Yes, but it must fit our writing style guidelines and content calendar. Articles, lists, interviews, and other written pieces must be written in the proper writing style. Photos, videos, and infographics must be high quality.

I submitted something and I haven't heard back.
We're working on it! USU News staff is covering stories in every school and center at USU and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. If it's been a while and you haven't heard anything, feel free to resubmit.

Why wasn't my submission approved?
USU News creates content calendars at least a month in advance. This is to ensure important events and stories are covered, and to give our content creators enough time to create quality posts. If you submitted an event too close to its occurrence, we may not have had the resources to cover it. If you submitted a piece that wasn't approved, it may not have fit our content style guidelines.

Media Inquiries
For all media inquiries, contact the USU Media Affairs Officer, Sarah Marshall, at sarah.marshall@usuhs.edu